Fun games to play while stuck at home

Rachael Holland, Staff Writer

May 18, 2020

During this time it's super boring to be at home and have nothing to do! Watching TV is fun, but can get boring. Playing all types of games can brighten up your day and bring your family all together during this depressing time! He...

Fun Family Activities and Games to Play!

Anneliese Gannon, Staff Writer

May 12, 2020

If your family is bored at home with nothing to do here are a few tips on what you and your family can do together to both have fun and be with each other.  Family pictures Get the entire family all dressed up and take some up-to-date picture...

Adapting to new life

Tatyana Johnson, Staff Writer

May 12, 2020

Recently, due to Covid-19 students and teachers could not return to school after spring break. Since then teachers have had to convert to online teaching. Here is an inside look on how Imagine Prep teachers have been coping. Sar...

John Krasinski delivers Some Good News

Ryley Youngs, Staff Writer

May 8, 2020

It goes without saying that our current situation is neither expected or ideal. Between the stay at home orders, cancelled events, and overall fear of what’s next, it’s difficult to stay positive and look towards the (hopefully...

Who’s that Mystery Teacher?

Camryn Bates, Staff Writer

December 17, 2019

Who’s that Mystery Teacher?   It’s that time again! Are you ready to see if you know your teacher? Can you guess who these teachers are? Do you want to win the prize? The first person to guess all these teachers cor...

Our three mystery teachers got together for a photo op, but somehow our camera only detected the outline of their bodies.

Who’s That Teacher?

November 17, 2019

Upcoming what?

Upcoming what?

April 17, 2018