Real life turned animation


Movie time snacks, Quarantine edition.

Disney’s newest film Onward was released on March 6, 2020. The film came out right before closures due to Covid-19. Due to most theaters being closed Onward was available for purchase as early as March 20, 2020, and was available on Disney + on April 3, 2020.

Onward is about two teenage elf brothers, yes they were elves. These two elf brothers embark on a quest to find a way to spend one more day with their father who had died when they were young. They go on an adventure that is filled with maps, impossible obstacles and magical discoveries. When their mom realizes they are missing, she takes an adventure of her own. She teams up with a legendary manticore. A manticore is a beast with the body of a lion, the tail of a scorpion and has the ability to fly. In Onward the manticore is a legendary adventurer who had taken the adventure the boys had gone on before. The mom and the manticore team up to bring back her boys safely.

Instead of going to the theaters I watched from the comfort of my couch, which was great, but I wanted movie theater popcorn, so I just had to make some of my own. After my popcorn was done popping, I sat down with my Coke and popcorn and began to watch Onward

In my opinion this movie is very heartfelt and definitely pulled on my heart strings. Even though this movie is very fictional and magical it has some human-like events. Like when the boy’s father dies and how they all grieve and handle the death. This movie was set in a world of elves which didn’t really appeal to me in particular, but could appeal to many others. What did appeal to me was the theme of brotherhood and how this movie kept me on my toes. I didn’t know what would happen next, which I really enjoyed. I also really like that this movie was comical. Overall, I enjoyed this movie and I know many families all over the world have as well.