Fun Family Activities and Games to Play!

Anneliese Gannon, Staff Writer

If your family is bored at home with nothing to do here are a few tips on what you and your family can do together to both have fun and be with each other. 

  • Family pictures

Get the entire family all dressed up and take some up-to-date pictures. 

  •  Go on a walk or hike

This is a great way to be in nature, while also getting a chance to stretch your legs with the whole family. 

  •   Themed dinners ex: Disney, red carpet, etc.

Disney: Have everyone dress up as their favorite Disney characters and eat some yummy Disney inspired dishes. 

Red Carpet: Have everyone dress up in black tie attire for a super fancy themed dinner. 

  • Board Games 

Super fun board games for the entire family can really bring everyone together for some friendly competition: (The Game of Life,  Monopoly, Clue, Battleship, Trouble etc.) 

  • Cook/bake-off

Bring in some friendly competition and mix it in with some yummy food…Check out some other articles published this week for some cooking and baking ideas

  • Dance parties 

Turn on a great playlist and dance it out with the fam!

  • Play outside with chalk or bubbles

Get everyone outside and have a contest to see who can make the best chalk art!

  • Build a fort and have a movie night 

Gather some pillows, blankets, twinkle lights, snacks, and a movie and turn the day into a cozy fort and movie night.