John Krasinski delivers Some Good News

It goes without saying that our current situation is neither expected or ideal. Between the stay at home orders, cancelled events, and overall fear of what’s next, it’s difficult to stay positive and look towards the (hopefully approaching) alleviation of our worries. In times like these, people turn to what brings them comfort. In an attempt to provide that comfort, Actor John Krasinski has created “Some Good News”: A show sharing good news from around the world. From musical performances to weather reports, Krasinski posts weekly videos sharing a positive perspective while his viewers are stuck at home. Recently, “Some Good News” has uploaded a virtual prom and graduation, with advice from Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Malala Yousafzai, and Jon Stewart. Although his target demographic lately has been those graduating or missing school, people of all ages are finding inspiration in his videos. Krasinski has received countless comments thanking him for his effort. 


 “I am not graduating this year,” user Nancy Hinshaw commented on his most recent video. “Instead, yesterday I submitted my retirement letter from a job I have enjoyed for 27 years. Although I look forward to retirement, I feel a bit lost… After I listened to the commencement conversations, I was inspired. I don’t know where I will find myself a year from now, but I do know that there is a future in which I have more things to accomplish!”


Regardless of their current situation, people are turning to what gives them hope. John Krasinski has taken it upon himself to use his platform to better the lives of many. It is so important for those with a larger platform to use their influence for good and not to spread negativity/hate. Krasinksi’s plans with this show after quarantine are unknown, but fans are hoping it sticks around. Pandemic or not, we could always use some good news!



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