Who’s That Teacher?


Our three mystery teachers got together for a photo op, but somehow our camera only detected the outline of their bodies.

Do you think you know your teachers well enough to win this contest? Do you think you can guess who they are? Let’s see how well you actually know them. What’s a better way to find out than a guessing game? If you think you know who these teachers are, be the first to find Mrs. Baker for a prize!

Mystery Teacher 1: Middle School

This teacher is from Detroit, MI and graduated from De LaSalle High School in Warren, MI. Oakland University is the college they graduated from with a major in history and a minor in political science. 

This teacher wanted to be an actor. Why would they become a teacher if they wanted to be an actor? 

“First I wanted my summers off, then I liked working with kids through coaching, history was the most fun,” the mystery teacher said. 

This person was inspired by Mr. Snodgrass – one of their teachers while they were in school – to become a teacher. 

This teacher has many unique traits about them. Among the many traits, one falls under the category of hunting.

“I was once an avid deer hunter and could group half a dozen arrows at 30 yards,” mystery teacher one said.

Do you know this teacher? Can you guess our mystery teacher one?


Mystery Teacher 2: High School

The second mystery teacher was born in Walnut Creek, CA and graduated from Grayson High School. 

The college they went to was Kennesaw State University with a major in English Education because they said that “literature and writing are the BEST!” 

When this person was younger, they wanted to become a teacher and they fulfilled their dream. 

They became a teacher because they “love getting to share [their] passion for literature and writing.” 

Their seventh and eighth-grade social studies teacher inspired this person to become the teacher that they are today.

Something that not many people know about this teacher is that they spent their “senior year of college living and teaching in Costa Rica.” 

Can you guess mystery teacher two?


Mystery Teacher 3: Middle and High School

This teacher went to high school at Kankakee Valley high school in Wheatfield, IN. They are an undergraduate from Purdue University. They also went to Liberty University and Grand Canyon University. 

This teacher has an undergrad in mass communication because they wanted to work in broadcasting.

Also, this mystery teacher has a Master’s in religion because they wanted to work with churches while having another Master’s in marketing to further their knowledge of social media marketing. 

“I wanted to be on radio (which I did for a few years),” mystery teacher three said about what he wanted to do when he grew up. 

This teacher’s unique trait is that they have had ten professions in their work life, including working at Imagine Prep.

So, what’s your guess for mystery teacher three?