Fun games to play while stuck at home

During this time it’s super boring to be at home and have nothing to do! Watching TV is fun, but can get boring. Playing all types of games can brighten up your day and bring your family all together during this depressing time! Here are some fun, entertaining games to play…

The most simple, but super fun game is cards. Cards is a great game to play with your family because there’s hundreds of card games you can play.

WAR: War is a card game where there’s two players, and you split the deck and you each slap one down and say war. Whoever has the biggest number card wins the two cards. The player with the most cards at the end wins. War is a competitive game to play with a family member, and so much fun to play!

NERTS: Nerts is a card game where you play with multiple decks, and you split them up and everyone has an amount that you split. You have two jobs, one is you have a pile of flipped cards and you put them down when that number gets on the board. Whoever runs out of their cards first, wins the game. nerts is meant for the many players, so get your whole family together when everyone is full of boredom, and have a great time!

The next game I’m about to share is one of the most challenging, thinking, and gets everyone worked up with excitement.

RUMMIKUB: Rummikub is a game where everyone has a board only you can see, and there’s tiles. Everyone picks up 14 tiles and there are all different colors and numbers. You build up like numbers of the same color, and the same number of different colors. It’s a game that gets you thinking so much, but it’s so enjoyable at the same time!

PUZZLES: Some people think puzzles take up too much time, and are boring, but when you’re stuck in the house puzzles are actually a great thing to pass time and think. Especially doing them with your family is super special!