Imagine Prep’s Spring Sports 


left to right: assistant coach Hannah Millage, junior Anyssia Mendivil, senior Claudia Vargas.

James Mould has coached girls basketball and is now coaching girls softball. 

Mould talked about why he liked coaching girl sports. 

I enjoy seeing the athletes succeed after they put in all the hard work and dedication. To see those results they are looking for, makes it worth everything to me,” Mould said. 

Mould shared that the softball team has set some goals for the upcoming season.

“To continue to make progress each and every practice and game and ultimately be better at the end than we were in the beginning,” Mould said. 

Mould is trying to at least have 12 girls on the team due to past years not having a lot of girls. 

Jeremy Weitzel also coaches girls basketball and girls softball. 

He said he enjoys teaching and preparing for our season. 

“What I like about coaching is teaching them things that will prepare them not only for the next three to five years of their life but the next 15 to 20 years of their lives. Everything I do while coaching is trying to give the athletes an opportunity to become a better person. If I can teach our athletes things that they will share with their children, their grandchildren and great grandchildren then I feel that I have done my job,” Weitzel said.

Weitzel gives us his goals for this season and he says to win state championships. 

“Our goal for the season is to win a State Championship! The amount of work that we put in as a team over the course of a season I feel should put us in a great position to win a State Championship,” Weitzel said.

He gives us a good estimate of how many girls he is wanting to have on the team. 

“We as a coaching staff feel that 12 players is a good number. This allows us to be able to adjust to the unknowns that come up where players might not be available but to give players playing time during the season,” Weitzel said.

This year’s middle school basketball coach is going to be Brian Leach. 

Leach explained why he wanted to coach middle school basketball. 

“I really enjoy coaching MS basketball because this age level is very coachable. The level of play with middle schoolers is where they can understand higher level skills needed, but they are still willing to learn and be better. I really enjoy it when players improve and gain confidence, not just as a basketball player, but also as a person,” Leach said.

Leach comments on what he is looking forward to in coaching basketball.

“I am looking forward to being a part of the team of players who care about the example they set both on and off the court.  I love leading and watching leaders develop on the team,” Leach said.

His goal for this team is for each player to improve. 

“My goal for this team is for each player to get better.  Whether we win or not, I want to set the fundamentals in each player so they can play the next level. 

“I, most likely, will keep around 15 players, with a few on the development level for future teams,” he said.