Co-Ed Soccer Just Keeps Scoring


Our Varsity Co-ed Soccer team has been winning left and right, there has been much progress and victories this season. The team is set to compete in the State Championship game on Friday, May 12.

The coaches have been working on improving technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social skills during practices. Helping them come together as a team and build the bond between teammates. 

Lorena Preciado, one of the coaches shared the mindset the coaches for this season shared.

“The plan was to make them feel confident, comfortable, and included in the team by having experienced players buddy up/partner with them and support them by encouraging them not to give up,” Preciado said. “Teaching them that it was okay to make mistakes and to learn from them; new players were taught the basics of soccer and allowing playing.”

Any mistakes are teachable and everyone is able to learn from anyone and it is important to always offer support to other team members and build confidence. Confidence can really affect how everyone plays, make-or-breaking the game score. 

“Every day Coach Kelley and I worked as mental coaches to help players gain confidence on the personal level and as a player,” Preciado said. “As a coach, it is essential to practice skills strictly, but it also needs a balance, and that is by having some sport-bound games.”

Although team-building and having fun with friends during practices are easy and mostly care-free, skill building is important as well. Strict skill-building practices help the team understand how they can improve, and how to work under pressure of a real game.

Nava Edmonds, a freshman on the team shared that she just wants to be the best player she can be.

“I wanted to be the greatest at something so I chose soccer,” Edmonds said. “I started to play in second grade.”

Inspiration and motivation are very important when playing or starting any sport. You have to have the will and dedication to actually commit to something. 

Edmonds shared the strategies and tactics she needs to work on as a team player

“Control the ball, make touches and be aggressive, my favorite,” Edmonds said.

Overall, the soccer season has been very successful and many players are proud to be on the team. Let’s keep up the record and keep trying your best for the rest of the season. Go Storm!