Soccer wrap-up

Senior Antonio Cruz has played soccer since he has been at Imagine Prep and is very passionate about the game. 

Cruz shared what his biggest strength is when playing. 

“When we work at our 100 percent, we feed off each others energy and get better,” Cruz said.

This years team has a big part with his improvement in playing soccer.

 “Gave full effort and having my teammates there to push me to do better,” Cruz said.

With his time playing soccer coming to an end, Cruz said he has enjoyed his time playing at Imagine Prep. He shared his feelings about this being the last year he plays soccer. 

“Yes, I enjoyed the memories and I enjoyed it because it could be something I would remember for the rest of my life,” Cruz said.

Ethan Opperman is a senior here at IPS and has been involved in football, basketball and soccer.

Opperman shared what it was like to prepare for soccer game. 

“We run before, then stretch good because we run so much, then we mentally prepare each other and hype each other up to get into the game,” Opperman said. 

Opperman shared that he is going to miss playing with the team and all of his friends when the season ends.

”I enjoyed playing with my teammates and am going to miss our bus rides to our games. All of my friends played soccer this year which was fun because everyone hyped everyone up before the game,” Opperman said.

Opperman said his favorite memory playing this season was when they would go out to eat after games.

“My favorite memory was when we went to Yuma to play and me, Dylan, Riley, Tony and Nolan walked across the highway to get ChickFilA and got yelled at after by Mrs. Kelley,” he said.

Bri Kraemer is a junior at Imagine Prep, and has also played soccer for a few years for the school.

Kraemer shared what the team’s biggest weakness was on the field.

“We didn’t communicate that much and our team chemistry lacked a lot. Some of us have been playing for three plus years and others are brand new and we just all didn’t work the best together,” Kraemer said.

Kraemer described her position and how she needed to play this position to best support the team.

“I play center defense. I don’t enjoy this position because I like being on the attack more but it’s what my team needed so I sucked it up.” Kraemer said.