Is League of Legends Season 11 making good changes?

League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that came out over 11 years ago for the computer as well as the phone soon after. The game has gone through many updates and changes but the new season, season 11, might have the biggest changes overall for the item shop. This update changes the way the item shop works by adding multiple new items, removing items, and changing items that are already in the game. One of the new updates to the item shop that Riot, the creator of League of Legends, added is the addition of mythic items. You can only have one mythic item and every other item that you build (the other items being legendary) will give you a bonus stat along with what it already gives you. We know most of this from spoilers and the PBE server which is a server for playing new updates before they can come out.

I personally am excited for this update because I do not mind the changes they are making and it also gives a big buff to the people in the game that I play, which are assassins and marksman’s, but I am upset about how the update makes the other classes weaker.

Senior Mikey Terry said he thinks these changes are strong.

“Riot is taking the things in their game and making it all really strong,” Terry said. “However everyone being strong will lead to others being weak. The things that will be made weak are the things that I play, which entices me to not want to play in season 11.”

What upsets me is that they are heavily buffing assassins and marksmen, but they are not paying as much attention to everyone else. Yes, they added some items to help the other characters, but they will still be underpowered compared to the assassins and marksman.

Junior Adam Morgan said he is not a fan of the new changes.

“Season 11 is bad,” Morgan said.“Riot is literally ruining the game.”

So I don’t think that he will be playing the new season, or if he does, then I don’t think that he will enjoy it. He has played season 11 on PBE, so he does know a decent bit about what it’s going to be like, and he says time and time again that he won’t be playing it because Riot is ruining the game.

Sophomore Reginald Plancarte (Reggie) said he thinks these changes are a great step forward for the game.

“I honestly think that it’s the right step into the future of the game,” Plancarte said. “Of course it has its ups and downs, but overall I think that they are making the right call especially with the new changes to the punishment system. If I remember correctly, Riot has been testing with a new system for a few months now, and the numbers are very impressive to me at least. Now I want to say something about items. I feel like the item changes are a bit too much especially with the item that gives all champions a dash. Now a dash in that game can mean a lot of things, it can allow you to escape some sticky situations, and few champions have that ability (besides the summoner spell flash), but now they are giving people an item that is the equivalent to flash.”

Plancarte says some good points for items, and the dash that he talked about is an item that most benefits marksman compared to the other classes in the game, which goes back to the point earlier about how they are overly buffing (making something stronger) some classes while not giving others as much attention. Overall, I think that the new season will be fun, but a lot of people do not agree for very good reasons.