DC vs. Marvel

DC vs. Marvel

It’s always been talked about whether Marvel is better or DC. Both have amazing characters with even better stories but everyone only likes one or the other so which is better Marvel or DC.

Personally I like DC better; if you ask me DC characters have more interesting backgrounds and characters overall. I like Marvel and they have great characters that have been around for years, but I think more of the heroes I’m fond of are in the DC Universe.

Senior Jaidyn Niccum answered a survey asking about her opinion and said she prefers Marvel to DC.

Their characters are more believable and their stories more complex and well formulated. DC just makes characters who are overpowered and have some random weakness that’s rarely used against them while marvel makes characters who are more human and who have more realistic character traits and weaknesses,” Niccum said. “Also in terms of comparing their similar characters, Iron Man is so much better than Batman. He’s smarter, has more realistic problems and solutions to those problems and can actually fly.”

This is all opinionated, but some of these could be real reasons most people choose marvel. Other people who answered the survey had similar reasons claiming they found the characters better or the plots more intriguing. Other people also said that they also just grew up with marvel so they like it more since it is more nostalgic for them.

Sophomore Mattie Woodland stated an argument for why she thinks DC is better than Marvel.

“I have always been a bigger DC fan, especially recently because Marvel started to suck more and more,” Woodland said. “Marvel got rid of all the best characters and really went downhill since Stan Lee died. RIP. I love the DC series more than Marvel, for example, Arrow was a really great show and will always be my favorite. It feels like Marvel is just creating random characters now and they have three too many Spidermans. Mainly I choose DC over Marvel because the Green Arrow is the best hero with the coolest past and the villains are amazing. I love the DC origin stories a lot more than Marvel. I like how Oliver Queen had to train years to become the man he was and he didn’t just wake up one morning with a spider bite and call himself a hero. I love that DC made a past with the characters and you can see them from a really young age and see them grow old. Marvel movies are cool and all but DC is 110 percent better and always will be!”

Another sophomore Logan Luban said he prefers DC as well.

“DC provides darker stories that impact you more as a reader,” Luban said. “Stories like “Injustice” and characters like Red Hood clearly demonstrate this more seriousness than Marvel comics don’t have much of.”

I agree with this. I think that DC is darker but whether you like it more or not depends on your own opinions.

Most votes in the survey went toward Marvel 81 percent against 18percent even though Marvel is more popular people who voted for DC were very insistent about their opinions so it really all depends on you and how you like all of the characters and  backgrounds in the different universes.