Slashing review of Scream Six


The long lasting Scream series is well known by many. The second Scream was the most popular Scream according to the rotten tomatoes website. With each movie produced after that, fans have continued to share their love for the series. As of March 10, 2023 the sixth Scream was released in theaters. 

Scream is a series of movies following the stereotypical group of teenagers being stalked and targeted by a masked murderer throughout the movie. Each movie usually has a new character that takes the killer role in the movie. 

On March 10, Alex Wench, an author on digitaltrends reviewed Scream 6. Wench said, “Scream 6, in other words, follows the same basic formula as the franchise’s five past installments.”

Although it is not secret the Scream series follows a certain routine in every movie, it’s just as exciting as the first. 

As of April 2, 2023 I was able to see Scream 6 for myself. Although it had the same premise as all the other movies it still managed to deliver new plot twists that left many fans shocked in theaters. Even though most sequels don’t usually work out, I think Scream is an exception. It managed to make a bloodier movie while still following an interesting story-line filled with suspense, action, and jump scares. 

Although some may think Scream along with each of the sequels are overrated, I still believe that they are able to execute each one with a bit of difference from the last.