Teacher Appreciation Week 2023, and a Farwell

Teachers have done more for us than we think. They do more than just teach us subject material. They can outline what a model person is, how to treat others, how to treat yourself, etc. Take some time this week, and the rest of the school year to appreciate what our teachers have done for us. 

For seniors, let’s spend some time thanking our teachers throughout our high school careers. 

I’d like to thank my teachers at Dysart high school for keeping me afloat during that time of my life. I unfortunately don’t remember half of your names but I do appreciate my world history and English teacher especially for being a good support for me. 

For my sophomore year I’d like to thank Mrs. Forysiak, while your time here was short, I appreciate your faith in me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to advance my knowledge in physics. Mrs. Turner, thank you for putting up with me almost falling asleep in your class. I still enjoyed your teaching style and personality. Mr. Bowley thank you for actually putting up with me falling asleep in your class. I still learned the material I promise. Mrs. Larson also thank you for teaching me physics. I think it was funny that you banned me from doing Kahoot for the sophomore class. You also made the electrical unit (which I initially struggled in,) easy to understand and remember. AS physics was fun with you. 

Mr. Heimann, thank you for being flexible when I took Algebra 2, I was really struggling, but your flexibility allowed me to finish that class. And I also thank you for giving me the space for my college classes during junior year. Ms. Becker thank you for teaching me chemistry, I really like the subject. I also thank you for giving me the material needed for the Cambridge exam. Ms. Spalding, your health class was fun, I enjoyed the jokes we shared. It was a nice and easy class to have a break in at the end of the day. 

Mrs. Baker, journalism was fun with you, the freshmen in this class were also wild. Thank you for putting up with my wild attendance. Mrs. Pierre-Louis, your art class is so fun, I enjoyed your class, although I do wish I could have done more advanced things. The other people in the class were also fun. Mrs. Gunderson, mixed media art was also fun! You were able to challenge me and I appreciate that. I still am not a mixed media person though. 

Ms. Pupo!! Thank you for helping me make my club! While I wish I did more with it, it was still fun and a good experience. I hope to come back next year to continue with One Banner. Thank you for teaching me government and economics too. I will apply this knowledge to be a better adult. 

Mrs. Franco, thank you for being my emotional support English teacher for all of my years here, I appreciate you. Your FLE teaching and your literature teaching were fun and engaging. I’m glad I came to this school. Ms. Werner, I also appreciate you for teaching me psychology and relighting my flame of passion for the subject. Thank you for being my ECAP teacher for all three years. That was wild. 

Mrs. Gia/Lowell, thank you for being my NHS advisor. NHS was a good experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for recommending me to join. Mrs. Camren, thank you for guiding me through the Cambridge exams. I could have never done it without you. Now I have that fancy sash ! 

My counselors, Mrs. Mecca, and Mrs. Boven, thank you for giving academic and social-emotional advice for these three years. With you two, I was able to be challenged and have fun during high school. 

I will use the lessons I learned from everyone and apply them to my adult life. 

Thank you