There is a new Christmas movie and it’s a blast to the past going off the storyline of the famous Christmas carol by Charles dickens published in 1844. 

This movie came out this year Nov. 11, 2022 it is a movie somewhat based off of the famous Christmas carol it is musical and it is about a man who works as the spirit of Christmas present. In this film there is a team that works together every year to make people better for Christmas. There is the spirit of Christmas past, spirit of Christmas present and the spirit of Christmas future, other lower workers and a boss, Jacob, who runs the whole thing.

The movie starts off and introduces Will Ferrell as the ghost of Christmas present he sees a file for a person known as unredeemable, meaning it’s useless trying to change them because they are such bad people, stuck in their ways; it’s a waste of time, so he sees the file and takes an interest in the person. He asks his boss if he could do the job, but gets denied. He eventually gets permission to do the job and the whole movie goes off of him trying to make this person better, but he doesn’t make any progress until the very end when he finally proved himself to be redeemable and he eventually works as the ghost of a Christmas present himself. The plot is also very interesting because they took little parts from the “Christmas Carol” and adapted it to this movie so it was almost like a run off of “Christmas Carol” like how they made the ghost of Christmas present (one of the main characters), Scrooge, from the “Christmas Carol”, or how they also made scrooge’s boss Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s best friend who died in the “Christmas Carol.”

The moral of the movie is that no matter how bad somebody is or may act everybody has some sort of good inside them.

Overall the movie got 4.2 / 5 stars. I think that the movie was not the best. I didn’t really like that it was a musical but it was something fun and new to watch. I also think that they did a good job connecting this story to the “Christmas Carol” and made it a really interesting plot twist when you realize who the characters were from the original “Christmas Carol.” I would recommend this movie to people for the Christmas season and I would give it a 4.0/5 rating.