Super Mario Bros movie review


The new Super Mario movie came out April, 5, 2023 it was a really fun movie to watch. I’ve always loved the whole Mario universe and my parents are really into playing the games, so we all play together a lot so hearing that a movie was coming out we were all naturally excited.

Watching the movie was really amusing. The movie had a good plot line that kept us interested although a lot of people complained about the movie being a little too childish; I don’t really think that it was that obvious or that important and to be completely transparent, I think it’s actually better they made it more childish so that little kids could have more fun when watching it and also so that it wasn’t made inappropriate in any way. Even in the games it’s not graphic in any way at all especially in gore etc. so it would be like changing Mario if they made it any different. 

The movie really went into the details of Mario and showed almost all the characters featured in the games. The plot they made of a Bowser loving Peach was really cute and funny to watch. Also the relationships they made up between characters was really interesting to think about like how they made Donkey Kong and Mario sort of enemies in the beginning and then they became good friends. Overall, I think the movie was great. It had a good plot and was fun to watch. I would rate the movie a 9/10, online people rated the movie 4.7/5 which is really good a lot of comments people left said that they loved the movie and thought it was a great movie to watch with your family.