The long awaited sequel to the Avatar movie finally came out last year Dec 16., 2022.

“Avatar the Way of Water” just came out, but it blew up overnight and many people were very excited to see the movie.

“AVATAR”  came out on Dec 18., 2009 the movie was about another planet called Pandora where another species of life live called Na’vi.  The humans came to Pandora to mine the valuable resource unobtanium. This miraculous metal was supposedly going to solve the energy crisis and save humanity from destruction. The main character, Jake Sully moves into an avatar’s body trying to learn the ways of the Na’vi and gain their trust so he can later ask them to leave and allow the humans to mine through their land but Jake ends up falling in love with a Na’vi woman and he then has to battle for the survival of her world. 

The second movie takes place years later when Jake Sully and Neytiri Sully, Jake’s wife, have become married and have four kids. They do everything to try to stay together but they have to fight against the humans when their feud from the first movie resurfaces. They end up having to move away from their home. They try to go into hiding but after seeing how their hiding put more people in danger they decide to fight against the humans once again.

The movie is a sci-fi/action movie and over three hours long the movie overall got a four out of five stars rating. A lot of audiences enjoyed their time watching the movie. Audiences say the plot was interesting and engaging, however there were many complaints on how lengthy it was overall and some people said it wasn’t worth over three hours of their time.

I think the movie was great and had an interesting plot, especially if you’ve seen the first movie. It had good new characters and the quality of all the characters and CGI was amazing. However it was hard to sit still and watch the movie for over three hours and since there had to be backstory and some plot building some parts of the movie were not interesting and dull.