Head empty? I agree, but these buddies are the embodiment of no brain.

Do you know when you’re on autopilot? Yeah, so these Pokemon are on autopilot all the time, the most that go on in these Pokemon’s heads is the Wii music. Some only think about biting. Some just have a perpetual 😀 face no matter the environment. These Pokemon probably do not think. This is a top 10 list of head-empty Pokemon. There is a Pokemon from each generation, and then some. Some generations have more head-empty than others. 

1. Fuecoco

There is not a single thought in this man’s head. No thought, only bite. The Pokemon that started this series, this gen nine starter is a head empty icon. 

2. Slowpoke

No thoughts, just a little guy.  The gen one icon for this list. Its anime dex entry even states, “No one can tell what a Slowpoke is thinking if it ever does think”

3. Ditto

This creature has nothing going on. There is nothing behind that smile. The whole series of Ditto transforms into other Pokemon but still has that smile. Head empty. 

4. Quagsire

This one is a double mention. Honestly most Pokemon with the 😀 face is a head-empty Pokemon. Quagsire has that face.  Its friend Clodsire is just one with the mud. Clodsire also is head empty, but this guy is just happy to exist.  

5. Marshtomp

Marshtomp is a Pokemon that looks like there’s just Wii music up there. Buddy looks like he’s thinking “weeeeeee” all the time. 

6. Budew

This pre-evolution is like `v`. They kinda look like there’s chaos going around them, and they just in the middle being like “This is fine”.  

7. Solosis

This Pokemon is like 😮 and has nothing else going on. 

8. Espurr

This kiddo has seen some things. With all that, this guy has no thoughts.

9. Bounsweet

This Lil guy is like, 😀 all the time. Something bad can be going on and they still be like 😀

10. Yamper

This puppy is like all puppies. No thought. Maybe like a run and high energy. 

Honorable mentions 


While these Pokemon are also kinda head empty, they did not make it to the main list. This is due to something disqualifying them. 

11. Meowth

Now while in the anime this guy has thoughts. This sprite is all floof, no brain. What’s between those ears? Is it a brain? Nope, all floof.

12. Deino

First appearance? No thoughts. But once you get to know them, they do have thoughts. And that is. Let’s evolve and be strong and also. Bite. Having no visible eyes also does not help the intelligence case.

13. Orthworm

I swear this guy only has Wii music going on. Like Fuecoco, the head is empty. Yet in the game, this guy is important, and to be important you gotta have some thoughts. 

14. Breloom

Its pre-evolution has a thought and that thought is “angy” Now this guy tho. Nothing. He looks like he’s seen some things. There is existential horror behind those eyes. 

15. Psyduck

No thoughts, only headache. But maybe thoughts, like “ow”.