‘Hubie Halloween’ Movie Review


Hubie Halloween is a newly-released comedy/horror film starring Adam Sandler, a deli stand worker, and self-proclaimed “Halloween monitor”. Sandler plays Hubie Dubois, a buoyant, high-spirited, and goofy but lovable character who is determined to make Halloween safe by keeping a watchful eye on the small town of Salem, Massachusetts, and helping anyone in need. Hubie’s puerility and innate desire to help others, unfortunately, makes him the target of incessant practical jokes and constant ridicule. During the movie, Hubie takes it upon himself to investigate a series of kidnappings that all take place on Halloween night. The main suspect, according to Hubie, is his new, unusual neighbor, Walter Lambert played by Steve Buscemi. 

There are many familiar faces in the movie from Adam Sandler’s previous motion pictures and some young rising stars. Stars include Kevin James (Sgt. Steve), Kenan Thompson (Sgt. Blake), Julie Bowen (Violet Valentine), Noah Schnapp (Tommy),  Karen Brar (Mike Mundi), Paris Berelc (Megan), Maya Rudolph (Mary Hennessey), Tim Meadows (Lester Hennessey), and more. Cameron Boyce was set to star in the movie but passed away in July of 2019 only a few days before filming, the movie, was dedicated to Boyce. Production ended in early September and the movie was released on Netflix on Oct. 7, as a Netflix Original. Only two weeks after the movie’s release date, Hubie Halloween was in the top ten on Netflix.  

While the movie only received a 49 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, I would not let this influence your judgment. I personally loved the movie and would recommend watching it to anyone who needs something a little different from the typical Halloween film.  It’s a bit out of the ordinary and unpredictable, but that’s why it’s so enjoyable! The movie is rated PG-13 and it’s suitable for most audiences making it the perfect family movie.  Throughout the film, viewers question who the kidnapper is, while still catching a couple of laughs. So, what are you doing?  Go snuggle up with a cozy fall blanket, a mug of hot cocoa, Halloween candy, some friends or family and watch Hubie Halloween. You won’t regret it!