Good food, nice weather and baseball?!


Rebecca Diaferia, staff writer

Spring training is the beginning of the American summer sport, baseball.

It is an annual event which starts at the end of February and goes on until the third week of March. The games are an opportunity to enjoy the weather after the cold winter months.

Fans from all over the country come to see their favorite baseball teams.

The minor team players try to get moved up to the Major League and Major League players are practicing for the upcoming season.

Spring training hosts many booths with foods and different teams’ merchandise. The stadium also gives an opportunity to non-profit organizations to raise money for their causes.

For example, Mrs. Nancy Nelson, mother of sophomore student Aubrey Nelson at Imagine Prep, runs a booster club that raises money for educational activities for kids. March is the busiest season for the booster club, because they are given the opportunity to work every single game. The games span a period of 30 days.

Nelson, being the leader of the club, is expected to work all of these games.

“Spring training is the highest earning month of the year for the booster club,” Nelson said. “I love seeing our profits increasing more and more every year.”

Tim, a German exchange student from last year, who was also hosted by the Nelson family, worked spring training with his host mom. Tim was able to work two of the games, while he was recently visiting his American host family.

“I had a lot of fun working with my mom after not seeing her for almost a year,’’ he said.

Now the season is over, but the games are a great idea to just hang out with family or friends, enjoy the weather and eat good food.