What is the right amount of pillows to sleep with?

We all have a different amount of pillows on our beds, but is there a correct amount of pillows to sleep with? This can go far beyond the amount of pillows you sleep with at night, this can also include the firmness or length of each pillow that you prefer. Some people may think that even sleeping with more than one pillow is unnecessary and not needed. Three different people have been interviewed to get three different perspectives on this debatable topic.

Graduate of Imagine Prep, Matthew Silvas shared his thoughts on this debate.

“I sleep with three pillows, I use two for my head to support my neck and one for my back. All of my pillows are the same size, but I do feel like having a longer one for my back would be nice,” Silvas said.

“I tried to sleep without the pillow on my back, but whenever I do, I feel like I’m going to fall backwards in some sort. I like how I have my pillows right now and don’t plan on changing them soon,” Silvas added. “For other people, I would recommend about two or three pillows,” Silvas said. “ It really just depends on how comfortable they are, and it also depends on the bed, such as, if you have a small bed, you can’t fit different sizes or variations of each pillow, therefore, causing you to have less on your bed.” 

Kyra Jeffery, sophomore at Imagine Prep shared her pillow preferences as well.

“I sleep with two pillows to keep my head elevated at the right point. If I only sleep with one pillow then it is very uncomfortable for me because my head is ‘too straight’. The pillows I sleep with are the same size, they are both standard size pillows. I have throw pillows, but I don’t sleep with them at night,” Jeffery stated. 

“I would recommend about one to three pillows for other people to sleep with. I just don’t see how anyone would be comfortable with more than three pillows taking up the bed. But it really depends on how you use them, such as, where you place them, like under your head, between your legs, and so on,” Jeffery concluded. 

The final point of view comes from Jennifer Shaffer.

“I sleep with five pillows every night,” Shaffer stated. “I use one for my head, in between my legs, my back, my stomach, and my arm. I feel comfortable with all of the extra support while I sleep,” Shaffer explained. 

“For other people, I would generally recommend about three to four, but it really just depends on your body type. Such as, how tall you are, what long term injuries you have, and really just the physical shape your body is,” Shaffer stated. 

“When I was a kid I originally slept with two pillows, but after having kids and acquiring some new injuries that I didn’t have back then, my body has been needing the extra support to help me sleep comfortably at night,” Shaffer continued. “After working your body all day, it can be relaxing to just lay in bed, but due to gravity, all of your weight is being pushed down to your limbs such as legs and arms. This can build more tension and cause stress, so that when you wake in the morning

you might be sore. Letting your body have the extra help from pillows could help you so much. Using pillows to help relieve some of the stress could help fix your posture significantly.”

“I do think that sleeping with more than two or three pillows could help you out so much with doing daily activities, and just help your body rest from the day,” Shaffer concluded.

How many pillows do you sleep with at night? Do you think you are going to start adding more to your bed? Everyone has a different opinion to their sleeping choices. Letting your body have the extra support could drastically improve your posture or just simply give you a good night’s rest. Adding to that, sleeping with more pillows could decrease your chances of having any internal injuries in your body and could even make you feel more secure at night.