Arizona Weather Favorites


After asking students at Imagine Prep about their favorite weather for Arizona we have come to see that many students love the cold and rainy weather, but some also love the hot and sunny weather.

Personally, I like the weather the most when it is cloudy outside so you can barely see the blue of the sky but not at all rainy and still somewhat bright. I like it when there is a slight cold breeze in the wind but not too cold to where you feel freezing. I think this is the best weather in Arizona because I don’t like the heat of the summer sun when it beats down in mid July or when it is terribly cold in December and January so you are shivering outside and when it rains in January and February it makes the air feel humid and moist so I also don’t like that weather. I like it just when it’s dry outside and you can barely see the sun through the clouds.

Some students stated that their favorite weather in Arizona was the rainy weather because it is calm and rare to see in Arizona and how the humidity makes it perfect between hot and cold so the temperature is in a perfect in between. Other reasons stated are how it’s perfect for people who play sports because it’s too hot in the summer so when it’s rainy and cold they sweat less and are able to spend more time outside being active. Students also claim it is refreshing and the rain causes the air to smell nice.

Other students claimed that their favorite Arizona weather is when it is hot and sunny.  Some people said that they just really hate the cold so they like it much better in the hotter months and would rather sweat than shiver or state how you can do the summer outdoor activities such as going to the beach or swimming in pools and having fun doing things you can’t do when it’s cold out.