Who’s the Most Judgmental?


Animals have always had personalities that are special to each species, but the question is if they were able to communicate like humans, or even were humans, which animals would be the rudest or the most judgmental?

Dogs, specifically old chihuahuas on the verge of death, would be the most judgmental. Old chihuahuas are always yelling and biting and it feels as though they embody the persona of a Karen. A Karen is a person that is perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is expected. And that’s exactly what a chihuahua acts like. You can make them mad by just looking at them.

Cats would come second, it’s usually the first animal that comes to mind when thinking of mean animals. Cats are naturally sassy and independent animals but they are also very temperamental. If cats were human they’d be a very grumpy old person ready to harass any young person that does anything different than what they did back in the day.

Llamas would come in third as the most judgmental because of how entitled their actions look if we’re comparing them to human tendencies. Llamas are always spitting at you, chewing your clothes, or rejecting you of a back ride. Llamas as humans would be a very rich house wife that judges and looks down on anyone less than themselves even though they do nothing to earn the status they have.