Our Last Semester

Everyone told me my high school years would go by so fast, but I never believed them until now. Most seniors feel the same way. This semester will be the last semester for the graduating class of 2023. Many seniors feel sad, happy, or confused; there are so many mixed emotions throughout the day, not knowing how to feel that the senior class is about to move on with their lives. 

Kaden Paterno, a senior at Imagine Prep, expressed his feelings about his last semester of high school.

“After this semester, I will start my life, it’s a little scary,” Paterno said. “I think I will miss school and the people here.”


Paterno plans to join the soccer team this year to make his last year of high school as memorable as he can. 

“My advice for current juniors is to pay attention and try to get through your last year,” Paterno said. 

Paterno plans to attend GCC for one or two years, then transfer to U of A afterward. 

“I think this last semester will go by fast because I am now starting to appreciate school more and have more fun,” Paterno said.

Paterno expressed that he’s excited to graduate because he looks forward to getting a job and starting his life after high school.

“I came into senior year with low expectations, but it turned out to be amazing so far; way better than I thought it would be,” Paterno said.

Theresa Jolly, a senior at Imagine Prep, was asked about her perspective on her last semester of high school. 

“I am super excited about my last semester of high school,” Jolly said. “It’s been such a journey these past few years, and I am glad I got to spend it with my friends and amazing teachers.”

Jolly mentioned that she and her friends plan to take a trip to California to have fun before the end of their senior year.

“My advice for juniors is to live in the moment,” Jolly said. “Don’t let anyone let you down; always speak your mind and try your best.”

Jolly believes that this last semester will go by fast because everything goes by so fast. Jolly hopes it doesn’t go by too fast because she wants to keep making memories in high school.

“I am excited to graduate because I am ready to be an adult and make my own decisions,” Jolly said. “I’m excited to go to college in the fall and make many more memories.”

Jolly has enjoyed her senior year thus far because it has taught her many life lessons. She mentioned that she has grown so much as a person.

“This year has had a lot of ups and downs, but overall I’ve made so many great friendships and am very grateful for everything and everyone,” Jolly said. “I am excited to spend my last semester with the amazing people I have around me.”

Garrett Stark, a senior at Imagine Prep, discussed his view on his last semester of high school. 

“I cannot wait to graduate because I’m ready to move on with my life and to start working full-time,” Stark said. 

Stark doesn’t have anything in mind to make his last semester memorable; he hopes to have fun with friends.. 

“My advice for current juniors is to pay attention and focus on your work because if you don’t, it’ll get harder,” Stark said.

Stark concluded that senior year was not what he expected it to be and that everyone has different experiences. He’s disappointed that he won’t be able to see his friends as often as he does right now.

“It’s sad that we’re all getting older,” Stark said. “I’m excited to see what everyone does in the future, and I hope we all will still have enough time to have fun like the old times.”

Although high school is ending for our 2023 graduates, they will forever cherish the many memories made here at Imagine Prep and will do great things after graduation. Let’s wish our seniors luck with their last semester as they push on and finish their last year!