Disney Plus Vs Netflix


There is a lot of hype around the new Disney streaming service but is it better than previous streaming services like Netflix?


Every big company has its pros and it’s cons, and for Disney Plus people have said that not all Disney movies are available yet, and the streaming service isn’t fully developed. They are still updating the app, but Disney is working on removing all of their copyrighted content from other streaming services.

There aren’t that many cons with Disney Plus, which brings me to the pros; Disney Plus is a cheaper streaming service than a lot of others plus they have a bundle deal with ESPN and HULU.

Pros could also be cons just like Disney Plus will soon be the only way to access Disney shows and movies.

Netflix doesn’t have as many pros or cons, but a pro is that there is a bigger variety of shows and movies and there are new shows added every month. Some cons are that Netflix costs more monthly than a lot of other streaming services.

Netflix costs around $14.99 and Disney Plus costs $7.99 a month

A poll was taken whether people would rather have Netflix or Disney Plus and the votes at the end tallied up to eight for Disney Plus and two for Netflix. The poll was taken in journalism class

A sophomore at Imagine Prep, Peyton Miller, had something to say about what could be improved on Disney Plus. She said that they don’t have all the Disney shows and movies and they should add on what they don’t have to spark interest in viewers.

A sophomore here at Imagine Prep, Jacob Karnitz, said he prefers Disney Plus.

“Netflix is a great streaming service but can’t compare to the Big Brother Disney Plus.” 

Karnitz went on to say that Netflix is good, but doesn’t get enough new content and a lot of very popular shows and movies are soon getting removed.

Senior Carlee Cortes said that Disney Plus is the superior streaming service and has all her childhood movies that she needs and went on to say

 “I grew up on Disney shows and movies and nothing will beat that,” Cortes said.