Imagine Prep students showing off their creativity

Bret Perkins, Staff Writer

November 5, 2018

Do you appreciate good creative stories and love to write? Do you wish to share your creations with people who also appreciate writing? Come to Ms. Emma Franco’s Creative Writing Club. This year, there have been new c...

The History of Halloween

The History of Halloween

November 5, 2018

Get to know the new club at Imagine Prep

Grace Starr, Contributing Writer

November 5, 2018

As we all know Imagine Prep has a lot of clubs we can join. Chess club, Art club, Photography club, and many more! But, for a long period of time we have been missing one. The club that Prep has been missing is, F.C.A. or, Fel...

Why you should be excited for gym class

Crue Kidd, Contributing Writer

November 2, 2018

Do you want to have fun with your peers? Well, then get ready for gym class with Mr. James Mould. If you ever pass by the gym at Imagine Prep in Surprise, Ariz., you will see so many smiles on the faces of the students. Included...

Cultural Experience For All

Cultural Experience For All

September 27, 2018

Italy, 2017

An adventure abroad

September 25, 2018

It’s race day!

Rebecca Diaferia, staff writer

September 18, 2018

As last year, the Solar Go Cart team at Imagine Prep was very successful. The team, led by Mr. Lancaster and Mr. Polk, had around 10 students on it.   “The club is oriented around teamwork and learning. Since we a...

Ten Months of Fun Equals a Lifetime of Memories

September 18, 2018

Every year, Imagine Prep Surprise hosts multiple exchange students from many different countries. They each get to experience a new culture and experience new relationships with people that live a different lifestyle than they...

It’s the final countdown

Hannah Fritch, Staff Writer

September 18, 2018

The throwing for the caps. The turning of the tassel. It’s every seniors favorite day, GRADUATION! With graduation just around the corner, it is the final countdown for the graduating class of 2018 at Imagine Prep. They have...

A year to remember

Chelsea Olewnik, Staff Writer

September 18, 2018

The school year is coming to a close and everyone is excitedly counting down the days to the last day of school. The end of the year brings excitement and happiness. It also brings back memories from the year. Here are some of...