Weirdest and craziest excuses!

Has someone ever told you a ridiculous excuse; to the point you don’t know if you should laugh, or be a little concerned? Excuses are made every day. Everyone has made an excuse, such as a reason why they haven’t done their homework, chores, or other duties that you have going out through the day. There aren’t really enough good excuses flowing around, so when an excuse is being said, it can get a little crazy. Three people have been interviewed that have had the experience of a weird excuse being said to them. 

Corey Shaffer was the first person to be interviewed. He is a manager at Walgreens, where his employees tell him excuses all the time!

“One time I had a young employee tell me that she had a dream that her cat died, so she took a sick day to make sure that it was okay for the rest of the day. I have never heard this excuse before, usually employees just tell me that they got COVID or something, but this was definitely out of the ordinary,” Shaffer said. 

“Another employee told me that when he walked outside of his house, bees were
swarming around his car, so he was unable to get in and drive to work. He did show up late, it is possible that this can happen, but it is very unlikely,” Shaffer said. 

“Another crazy excuse was used when an employee told me he couldn’t come into work because his wife put all of his underwear in the washer. I bursted into laughter after hearing this, I’m not sure if any of these excuses actually happened but these are the funniest, yet weirdest excuses I have heard,” Shaffer concluded.

Tayler Jonescu was the second person to be interviewed. She works as an assistant in a middle school district. 

“Where I work, the middle schoolers can get so creative when it comes to excuses on why they’re late to school,” Jonescu said.

“One student told me that on her way to school, her pet hamster got stuck in the air conditioning vent, and had to help her mom get it out. This excuse was so specific that I’m sure it happened, but I was very puzzled after hearing this,” Jonescu stated.

“Another student was absent for two whole days, when he returned, I questioned why he had been gone without any notice. He told me straight up that the universe told him not to attend those two days of school. We both laughed it out in the end,” Jonescu said.

“A different student emailed me, telling me that he won’t be attending school for the next three days. When I asked him why, he said that he chugged a whole bottle of mouthwash, thinking it was gatorade. He got sick afterwards. But when he returned, the class wouldn’t stop talking about it,” Jonescu concluded.

The last person that was interviewed is a graduate student from Imagine Prep, Matthew Silvas. He is a security guard with many colleagues that have told thousands of excuses.

“One of my work colleagues has actually told me that she couldn’t come into work because her roots from her hair looked horrible, so she couldn’t cancel her hair appointment. Instead she went to the hair appointment instead of going to work because her hair looked a mess and she wanted to be professional,” Silvas said.

“This one’s my favorite. Another one of my colleagues said that he was at the grocery store and wanted to try out the blood pressure machine. He ended up getting stuck, so that made him an hour late for work. I found this excuse the funniest! How did he think of that? Did he actually get stuck in it? I still have many questions,” Silvas concluded. 

There are definitely some crazy excuses in the world! To where they don’t even seem reasonable. Usually when kids don’t want to do their homework, they say that their dog ate it or something. But for Tayler Jonescu, her students are telling her that they were late to school because their hamster got stuck in the air conditioning. How crazy is that? Maybe we should be giving people more credit for coming up with these excuses. There are definitely more reasonable, but yet crazier excuses out there. What excuses will you tell later in the future?