Meet The New Exchange Students!


Vittoria Rho, an exchange student from Milan, Italy and her dog, Muffin.

Have you ever wondered how different it is for foreign exchange students?

Well, we have a handful of exchange students on campus this year, and three of them are; sophomore Alba Fernandez, junior Vittoria Rho, and sophomore Claudia Carreras. These students shared some information about their home lives, school, and some of their favorite things. 

Carreras shared what life is like back in Madrid, Spain. 

“It’s good, I like my home life because it’s lots of fun,” Carreras said.

Carreras shared what it has been like living in America.

“In America so many things are different<” Carreras said. “When I go back to Spain I will not travel, and when I leave I would want to come back to America to visit my host family. “

Carreras shared her least favorite thing about Arizona.

“I don’t like the Grand Canyon, because it’s really hot and I’m not used to it,” Carreras said.

Claudia Carreras at the Grand Canyon.

Lastly, she shared which education system they like better.

“The one in America, because it’s easy to do the work and easier to navigate,” Carreras said.

Rho is from Milan, Italy and she shared what life back in Italy is like. 

“I live in Milan. It was really different than living here, my home city is way bigger. And transportation there is better,” Rho said.

Rho also added what some of the biggest differences are between Surprise and Milan.

“The transportation is really different and high school because we don’t have to change classes back home, and here we can’t choose classes, and back home you could depending on what your future career chose what gonna be.” 

Rho loves some American foods.

“Pop-Tarts, because we don’t have something similar thing in Italy, strawberry is my favorite flavor,” Rho said.

Fernandez is from Madrid, Spain, and she shared about life back home.

“Life is pretty boring because it’s always going to school and coming home and there are never things to do and I never get to hang out with friends,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez shared which education system she likes better.

“America because in Spain teachers don’t really care about how the kids learn, and in Spain, they don’t really care,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez also shared her least favorite thing about Arizona so far.

“The heat because it’s very hot, and the food because the food is better in Spain, and mealtime is different,” she said.