Mans Best Friend vs. Felines

Is there truly a preference between cats and dogs? As a student body of writers for the school paper, a survey was sent out to collect student’s and teacher’s preferences about whether dogs or cats are better. So, what’s it gonna be, cats or dogs? 

What do you think, do your teachers and peers own any pets? As a matter of fact, yes they do. Right around 70.6 percent of those who took the survey own pets while the other 29.4 percent of them don’t. Though only roughly around 20-25 students and teachers took the survey. 

Through that virtual survey, students and teachers were asked whether they would prefer cats over dogs or vice versa to see which would have the superiority. Foreseeable, the majority of the voters said that they prefer dogs. See, dog lovers were rated around 76.5 percent as to cats who rated around 23.5 percent. So with that, here at IPS, the results show that students, staff, and teachers prefer dogs over cats.

Though cats and dogs are both equally great companions, dogs are definitely more sociable and playful. While cats are more self-sufficient and don’t take up as much space as some breeds of dogs. 

“In my opinion, cats are better as they don’t take up as much space as dogs and they are more affordable,” Freshman Travis Estep said. 

Both dogs and cats, and all pets for that matter, once they’re made a part of the family they become such an important part of our lives. See, in some cases, we can view these personal connections we have with our pets as unconditional. Bonds we have with our pets and other relationships we have in our lives are beyond just “important” and we should always value them.  

See, even though dogs have the highest preference rating here at Imagine Prep, of course, there are those out there who prefer cats over dogs. So, thank you to everyone who filled out the survey for us. Below are some pictures of those to who we received responses and their pets. Enjoy!