How Imagine Prep Is Handling No Recycling

Michael Heath, Staff writer

March 6, 2020

If you are environmentally conscious then you would be sad to know that Surprise is no longer recycling. Due to money budgets and recycling being very expensive, Surprise can no longer carry out that action. This is why Surpri...

Students Reaching Students; Youth Alive Brought To Imagine

Anneliese Gannon, Staff writer

January 30, 2020

Youth Alive is an organization that partners with local churches to bring the gospel to every student in every school. These campus clubs are student-led, meant for students to reach students by sharing their testimonies. N...

New Year’s resolutions

Kyra Jeffery and Anneliese Gannon

January 30, 2020

Ever heard the classic saying New year; New me, well according to students and staff at Imagine Prep this isn't exactly true. It states that when the new year hits you will create these resolutions or goals to better you as ...