Helpful tips from the graduating seniors and promoting eighth graders


The school year is nearly over and therefore a lot of students will leave us. But we’re also welcoming new students: The eighth graders are now in high school and new fifth graders are now in middle school. This is not only an exciting experience, but might also be stressful. So what are some tips for the newbies in both High and Middle school?

One thing a lot of students agree on, is to get your assignments done on time. 

Complete your work and turn it in on time so you don’t stress about it later,” Eighth grader Lillian Davis said.

“Don’t give up when things get hard,” Eighth grader Evangelina Sarlo added.

When entering High School, life changes.

“Life became next-level challenging for me because I was from another school district,” Senior Leonardo Santos described his experience of becoming a freshman and entering high school.

“But eventually over the years, I became part of everything that was happening,” Santos said. 

Santos’ advice: Stay with the same routine to find a way to fit in.

Another important thing students think newbies should know is to always try your best and to not slack off.

“As Yoda once said ‘Do or do not, there is no try’,” Senior Aaron Hobbs quotes the little green Star Wars character.

Senior Kadence Koellen also has some helpful advice: “Work hard. Never give up. Always ask questions. Finding your person at the school or even outside of school you are able to talk through things with it is truly helpful.”

Since it is the last year of school a lot of seniors go through a very stressful phase. Time flies by fast, so you should enjoy your time as much as you can.

“And don’t check out just because it’s your senior year,” Senior Tatyana Johnson said.