Are You Certified?


CPR, or, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a procedure that includes chest compressions and in some cases artificial ventilation that’s done in emergency situations that could save someone’s life. The biggest misconception within high school is that it’s required to be certified in this procedure to graduate. There is no actual law written for students to be certified only to be exposed to and taught the basics of CPR. Within Imagine Prep, CPR is introduced in personal development classes where certified personnel comes in to show students just what CPR is and how it’s done with hands-on experience with CPR dummies. 

If you ever wanted to take the provided basic learning a step further, Imagine Prep even offers certification on campus just for students. On April 5, 2023, after-school lessons were provided, with a requirement of a 25-dollar fee. These lessons included hands-on training with CPR-Adult, Child & Infant, Using an AED device, First Aid Basics, and lastly Choking Relief.

When assistant principal Amanda Mecca was asked how beneficial it is for schools to have easy access to CPR lessons she said that it’s an opportunity that’s not as accessible for students outside of campus.

“I personally feel that it is important to have access to learning the basics of CPR and life-saving skills in school because many students do not have these types of lessons accessible outside of school. No one person knows when they will need these skills throughout their lives, so the more exposure that we give people, the better,” Mecca said.

CPR is a skill that everyone should keep up with and learn, not just students because whenever an unfortunate event occurs where CPR is needed you will be someone who could save a life.