Seniors next steps

With graduation right around the corner, seniors are focusing on their next steps. Seniors have a lot of different options like going straight to university, the military or just going straight to work. All of the seniors are taking their own paths unique to them and their goals. Seniors shared their feelings on finally graduating and what they have planned for the future. 

Dawson Cowan has plans to become a commercial pilot and is more than happy about graduating. 

“Very very excited to graduate, I’m ready to be done,” Cowan said. “I’m either going to GCU or Ottawa University.” 

Other students aren’t staying too close to home. Samuel Cabral shared what he’s most nervous about. 

“I’m going to Rose Gilman University in Indiana,” Cabral said. “I am excited to attend the university but I’m a little nervous about moving so far away.” 

Another student, Alex Yurtola is going to school at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania to study Chemistry. Yurtola shared what their most excited about.

“Having new experiences and finding myself, just the newness of it all,” Yurtola said. 

There are some students who have been a part of Imagine Schools since kindergarten. Leaving a school you’ve been a part of for so long can be difficult, but can also be exciting to go out and try something new. Carlie Hess shared her excitement about going into a whole new environment.

“I’ve been at the Imagine Schools since I was in kindergarten so having a new chance to find new things and new people, even though I am sad to lose the ones I have here, I think it’ll be cool to try something new,” Hess said. “But I am most nervous about the same thing, it might be hard to find new people and it’ll be kind of scary. It’s the same thing that I’m excited and scared for.”

That’s what a few of our seniors have planned for the future. Good luck to the senior class!