Ready for the Diploma

On Wednesday, May 25, the seniors have an exciting day at Ottawa for their  Senior graduation. This is when seniors take the next step in their lives and finish their high school education. Since the beginning, teachers have been preparing students for graduation and success and can’t wait to see them take their next step forward.

Izabelle Stanford, a senior at Imagine Prep, shared her opinion on graduation.

“To be honest, I am terrified to graduate because I am scared to move to a different campus,” Stanford said. “I will be away from my family, making me nervous.”

Stanford stated that she had been at Cambridge curriculum schools since elementary school, which will be different when she attends college. 

“I expect a lot of happy tears from myself, family, and friends at graduation,” Stanford said. “I hope that we will be able to toss our caps after the ceremony.”

Stanford stated that she has not found a dress yet for graduation, but she is planning for it to be black or red to match the gown. Stanford will also have some cords from Cambridge testing and extracurricular activities.

“I’m nervous about seeing some family I haven’t seen in a while,” Stanford said. “I haven’t seen my uncle in a bit, and he is coming to the graduation; it will be nice seeing him again,” Stanford said. 

Stanford had stated that she is nervous about what to do after high school. She knows that she has much support from family and friends, but she doesn’t want to grow up so fast.

“After high school, I plan on going to college for aerospace engineering, computer science, and robotics,” Stanford said.

The teachers at Prep who helped Stanford the most are Michele Pelletier and Amy Boven. Stanford stated that Pelletier had helped her become a better person and helped her apply to many different colleges. Boven helped her when Stanford had any concerns or troubles at the school. Boven was always there when Stanford needed to talk.

“I often prepare for graduation by meeting with Boven,” Stanford said. “I have also been talking to my roommate for NAU virtually so that we know each other a little bit before we move in together.”

Stanford recommends that future seniors not procrastinate because she guarantees that it will be regretted. The sooner things get done, the easier things may be at the end of the year.

Samuel Cabral, a senior at Imagine Prep, shared his perspectives about graduation and his next steps.

“I am very excited and nervous to be graduating,” Cabral said. “I am nervous about moving out of the state and away from my family, but excited that my high school years are over so that I can move on.”

Cabral stated that he hopes to do the cap toss with his classmates. He is also looking forward to getting food afterward with his family and friends.

“I will be wearing a comfortable T-shirt under the gown and shorts because it will be hot,” Cabral said. “When my friends and family take photos, I will change shirts and put on a semi-formal button-up shirt.”

After high school, Cabral plans on attending a college in Indiana for mechanical engineering.

Cabral mentioned that Pelletier had helped him the most throughout this school year. He claimed that she would always keep him and his classmates on track and let them do other classwork during her class period. She would also push every one of the seniors to do their best and get their work done.

“I am preparing for graduation by getting all of my grades finalized and finishing any other assignments I wanted to re-do,” Cabral said. “I am also making sure that my cap and gown are clean and ready and starting to decorate my cap.”

Cabral plans on spending time with Dawson Cowan, his family, and a few other friends during graduation.

“It may sound generic but remember always to ask questions. There’s always at least one other person that may have the same question or something like it,” Cabral said. “If you always keep questioning and asking people, it will keep the conversation going and things more entertaining.”

Graduation has been a long waiting moment for many students. Graduation is the time for the senior classes to say their last goodbye and prepare to take their next step forward.