Home Cooked Foods over Restaurant Foods

Home Cooked Foods over Restaurant Foods

Many people prefer the taste of home cooked meals over restaurant foods but could it be a better option?

With home cooked meals you have huge variety and there’s not a set thing you can get from one place.

High school teachers Sarah Victoria and Michele Pelletier wanted to share their opinion on whether home cooked or restaurant meals are better.

“I prefer the taste of home cooked food, but I prefer the convenience of restaurants,” Victoria said.

The taste for home cooked foods are usually more superior but the convenience of being able to just go get food and go or go order and get it in like 10-30 minutes is nice.

“It depends on the meal but usually home cooked food is better,” Pelleteir said.

With restaurant foods they can either come out good or can come out bad but with home cooked you can make it yourself and to your liking.

Victoria shared a restaurant that would be good to try, Salad and Go is a good option due to it being healthy, fast and super affordable.

But on the other hand, Pelletier recommends PF Changs, due to how well made the food is and the taste is amazing.

Victoria and Pelletier stated some good home cooked foods that would be amazing to try.

“There’s so many options… homemade tortillas, rice, and beans is like a whole meal for me, though!” Victoria Shared.

“Homemade pizza! Nothing beats fresh pizza dough,” Pelletier explained.

Many people have preferred home cooked meals due to it having a better taste and a very wide variety of foods you can make.

Home cooked foods aren’t always the most convenient, but they do add and make “the experience better.”

But what could possibly make home cooked foods so much better than restaurant foods.

“It’s better and it feeds my soul <3,” VIctoria said.

 Meals cooked at home have more of a unique taste compared to a lot of restaurants, such as if you cook chicken at home rather than get it at Popeyes or KFC.

“It depends on what the meal is. Some things can’t be recreated at home without fancy cooking tools and nobody has time for that,” Pelletier said.

But the meal you’re cooking may not taste or look the best so it all depends on what you’re making or ordering at a restaurant, because that can persuade you one way rather than the other.