Which Is worth trying? Hot chocolate or eggnog?

Eggnog and hot chocolate are both holiday and  end of the year type beverages, usually drunk around fall and Christmas time. But the real question is which is better or liked more.

Juniors Gaige Veit, Michael Olotu and Jessica Johnson all shared which one they think is better and a little explanation on that.

“(I like) hot Chocolate, because eggnog doesn’t have that nice hot creamy feel,” Olotu said.

Veit and Johnson both shared that hot chocolate is also better due to the fact of the taste of eggnog, and them not liking it too much.

But what makes hot chocolate better, is anything added to make it better? So Veit, Olotu, and Johnson all responded.

“Probably like marshmallows, I feel like it’s normal to put in marshmallows,” Veit said.

Olotu and Johnson both agreed and said marshmallows are one great way of enhancing the taste of eggnog.

Hot chocolate and eggnog are both really good but would they be worth spreading and telling people to start drinking them because they are good?

“I’d say to try eggnog for more mature taste buds and hot chocolate if you want to play safe,” Johnson said.

But Veit and Olotu said the opposite and wouldn’t tell them to try eggnog but to try hot chocolate.

Olotu wanted to share his thoughts on when the best time to drink these beverages are.

 “Christmas time, because it just gives you that Christmas vibe and you know when as a kid you were just sitting there watching your Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate,” Olotu said.

The others agreed with him and said Christmas time or just when it’s cold out.

So overall they say Hot Chocolate is better, do you think they would agree or disagree?