Tea or Coffee?

Tea or Coffee?

Tea and coffee are both very popular beverages overall but which of the two is better?

Personally I like tea more than coffee. It is more calming and has many different types of flavors you can make it into. There are also many different styles of tea like hot tea, iced tea or even Boba. Boba is another popular beverage and it contains milk mixed with tea and tapioca pearls and more added toppings.

Although I enjoy tea more, coffee seems to be winning the popular vote so far a survey sent out to students in the school proves that coffee wins compared to tea 68.4 percent to 31.6 percent. 

Some students think coffee is better because coffee consists of caffeine so it is helpful when you need to try to stay awake or have to do something while on low energy. A student stated that coffee just has many more different kinds of styles and combinations opposed to tea and tea tends to have a more acquired taste so you either end up loving or hating tea.

Most students agreed overall coffee was better but there were still good arguments on why some students liked tea. The most stated ones were that tea is cheaper so it is more affordable for high school students to buy and has many different health benefits varying depending on the ones you choose to drink.

In conclusion most students based it down off of taste. In the end some liked coffee more because tea tasted too earthly and some liked tea more because they said coffee reminded them of dirt so which is better coffee or tea?