Prep Students are adapting to a “New Normal”

Our country is made up of a vast group of people, coming from different backgrounds and all living very different lives. We see it in our own school; Every student is unique and deals with their own ups and downs. For the first time in our lifetime, however, the young people of our country are experiencing something simultaneously while remaining apart. Regardless of their differences, everyone shares common ground right now. People are uncertain of what is to come and — for the meantime — are growing restless and bored. Having their usual routines ripped from under them, how are people spending their time? Are they using this time to catch up on much-needed rest, or is this the perfect time to do those never-ending projects you promised yourself you’d “get to at some point”? 

Having started online courses as of March 30, Imagine Prep’s students have found comfort in what little routine they are able to keep. When not completing assignments, Prep students have taken many different approaches to make the time go by a little quicker. 

Some students, such as juniors Kenedi Moss and Julia Polk, have turned to creating. While Moss has taken up embroidering, Polk has played around with paintbrushes and pastels. 

 “I’ve been painting a lot which is odd because art is not typically a thing I do,” Polk explained.  “But now that it’s my only option really, I love it!”

 So many students have either rekindled their love for art or are just now finding an appreciation! It is so important to turn to what makes you feel happy during this time. For those like junior Joshua Millage (who recommends watching ‘Tiger King’ and ‘The Circle’ on Netflix), this time away has been used to relax and take time for themselves.

While some students are simply looking for fun activities to distract themselves until it’s time to go back to school, junior Drake King said he’s savoring every moment in quarantine.

“I learned just how much of an introvert I am,” King said. “I’ve always been an introvert who in recent years has forced himself to act extroverted. But now that I have no reason to act extroverted, I’m so happy.”

Regardless of how we are spending our time apart, it is crucial to keep one thing in mind: Everyone is handling this “new normal” differently, and nobody’s schedule (or lack thereof) is above another. Each student should be doing what they need to do in order to stay healthy and happy. You do not need to come out of quarantine having bettered yourself, just try your best to maintain your typical way of life as much as possible.