IHop Pancake Scandal , Fact or Fiction?

Pumpkin spice and everything nice for festive treats is back! Companies such as Starbucks are widely known for their seasonal treats. This year IHOP has become a trend after they’ve designed a menu based off of the new animated Adams Family movie that came out Oct. 11. The menu includes Adams Family themed treats for the spooky season such as “Wednesday Web Cakes” pancakes , “Morticia’s Haunted Hot Chocolate” beverage,  “Uncle Festers Ice Scream Shake” milkshake. Social media has targeted one item on the menu that when it has been served to people it hasn’t looked quite like it does on the menu. The “Wednesday Web Cakes” are a set of two pancakes topped with white frosting and black “spider webs” chocolate with a scoop of purple frosting on top and powdered sugar all over the cakes. What the menu shows, hasn’t been what customers have been getting on their plates.

Sophomore, Riley Casaccio and I thought we would try the pancakes for ourselves on Wednesday Oct. 23. The IHOP location we went to was West of Bell Road in Surprise, AZ. The pancakes advertisement from the menu versus what we were served are pictured below. The pancakes weren’t exactly what we’re pictured on the menu, but IHOP replicated them pretty accurately. The cakes were light and fluffy and tasted very sweet for every sweet tooth out there! The purple frosting melted very quickly due to the warm cakes. Casaccio remarked that the pancakes were “very sweet and close to what they advertised.” The “Wednesday Web Cakes” looking horrendously far from what has been advertised has been debunked! 

 IHOP now has a new Christmas themed menu to get you out of the spooky mood and ready to deck the halls! Go to your local IHOP to try their festive pancakes for yourself to see if they turn out to be all that you want for Christmas this year or if they belong on the naughty list.