Middle school Florida trip

Imagine Prep middle school students listen up!

On June 2, 2020 there will be a field trip to Florida around the Tampa area to get a hands on experience for science.

Kevin Lancaster, a middle/high school science teacher, set up a trip to Florida for the kids to get a hands on approach and it allows them to see for themselves what types of jobs they could possibly get in the future following a science field.

Lancaster went into detail about the reasoning behind the trip.

“Well we have been doing trips for the past couple years,” Lancaster said. “Nobody planned one for this year so I contacted the company that does it, Worldstrides and I set up this for next year.”

The trip will take students to various locations across the state, while also incorporating a science impact.

“I know we dissect some squid,” Lancaster said. “We swim with the manatees, we kayak through the mangroves, we also snorkel down a couple of freshwater rivers too.”

There a lot of other places that you could experience these thing’s, but Florida is different.

Lancaster says he picked Florida for many reasons.

“Warm temperatures,” Lancaster said. “And this is one of the most hands on STEM related trips they have so that’s what I wanted to see.”

Does this sound fun/interesting to you? Then go sign up! Lancaster also said that his wife, himself and a couple of other parents will be chaperoning as well. There are only 14 kids signed up so far.

If you need any more information, you can talk to Lancaster. His room number is number 202 and it’s next to the art room.