What would you choose? Popularity or Quality


There’s a new In-N-Out in Surprise. Right now McDonald’s is the most popular place to hangout, eat some french fries and burgers and just chill out there with your friends. However, many people believe that In-N-Out will become better than McDonald’s because of their quality and service.

The only thing we can do to figure this out is go to both restaurants and compare their food.

First option: McDonald’s, who doesn’t like it? We love their ice-cream and the burgers and nuggets are really good. But their fries are not so tasty, they were frozen before and they look old so we don’t like them.

Nevertheless, the fries of In-N-Out are so fresh, they taste really good and you can actually see the employees cutting the potatoes so they are way more healthy. Also, their hamburgers are great and their milkshakes are awesome. I recommend to everyone to try them. You could say that everything tastes healthier than what I had eaten in McDonald’s. So, yes, McDonald’s has many chances to stop being your favorite.

We like both places but the new In-N-Out restaurant is so cool, the way they decorated the interior, we just loved it. So if you are looking to try something new or another place to hangout with friends and enjoy a good meal, In-N-Out is what you are looking for. They even give you a sticker for your water bottle so don’t miss the chance.

According to the In-N-Out website, “quality you can taste” is the slogan of In-N-Out . “From the first bite of your burger to your last french fry, quality is the most important ingredient at In-N-Out Burger. We don’t freeze, pre-package or microwave our food.”

“Of course a great burger deserves great fries. At In-N-Out, french fries come from the finest, freshest potatoes. They’re shipped right from the farm, individually cut in our stores, and then cooked in 100% sunflower oil. Our shakes are just as genuine — made with real ice cream. At In-N-Out, that’s the only way we’ll ever make them. Because when you like to keep things simple, doing things the old-fashioned way is the freshest idea of all.”

You can find all of this information and a lot more about the fresh ingredients they use in their website.

Now is your turn, decide which one you like better and enjoy!!