Many thoughts about Halloween. Is it good or bad?

Is Halloween really an important holiday, some people may think about this and some may not. Halloween is one of those holidays that many people may not even celebrate as they get older. There are many different thoughts and feelings about Halloween, so different that some people think it shouldn’t even be a holiday.

Junior Jessiah Yates shared his opinion on Halloween and whether he thinks it’s a holiday worth celebrating or not.

I don’t think it’s worth celebrating. I think it’s just a time for hanging out with friends,” Yates said.

But on the other hand High School English Teacher, Emma Franco shared that Halloween is one of her favorite holidays.

Other students shared some ideas on how Halloween could be changed or adjusted.

Junior Valerie Gomez said some of the mischievous Halloween activities should be made legal.

“Egging should be legal to a point, but if it’s over done it’s just pranks but pranks shouldn’t have consequences unless it’s severely done,” Gomez said.

Junior Valerie Gomez dressed in an inflatable skeleton flamingo costume. (Submitted photo)

Yates shared he doesn’t enjoy many of the scary things Halloween has to offer.

“I don’t like being scared because I’m a little girl, but I don’t think we should change anything, I mean it’s perfectly fine the way it is and no one really complains about it,” Yates said.

Some people may respond with the fact that it’s your choice of how late you stay out and it’s not anyone else’s fault for you staying up super late. But then you also have to think about losing track of time and the walk back to their house after trick or treating or after a party.

But then Franco shared some things on Halloween and if it should be changed or not.

“I think it should stay the same because it’s already one of those holidays that you get to choose how much you want to participate and you can all out and have a party and have like a really big costume and stuff and you could really choose how much you wanna engage but changing it wouldn’t do much,” Franco said.

Yates shared if the holiday should be considered a friends or family holiday.

“A friends holiday because that’s when we can go out with your friends and scare people and not get in trouble,” Yates said.

And soon after Gomez shared her opinion on the same topic.

“Friends because the family doesn’t really doesn’t do anything they don’t support their decision,” Gomez said

Which I would agree with this to an extent because as a kid you would mostly go with family and they will take you out trick or treating but as you get older you start to go with more friends out and either hanging out or go trick or treating.

Franco wanted to share her opinion on if schools should celebrate more in school/classes for Halloween.

“I think just having the option to dress up is cool because your classmates get the option to see your costume and have little games at lunch and music and decorations and stuff but its not like every ones jam and I don’t think we do that much with other holidays so we would definitely have to do it with others as well,” Franco said.

Gomez shared some thoughts about whether she thinks Halloween should be a day we have off while in school.

“No, if it lands on a Friday, but if it lands on a week day yeah that’s reasonable, cause like if you’re gonna be out the whole night having fun what’s the point in waking up early in the morning,” Gomez said.

Yates shared some thoughts on the same topic.

“I don’t think it’s worth it to skip school. It’s not that important, it’s just kids staying up and kids skipping school the next day.”

Yates shared what his opinion is on Halloween and whether he thinks it’s worth celebrating/having it as a holiday.

“I don’t think it’s worth celebrating. I think it’s just a time for hanging out with friends,“ Yates said.

Gomez shared that she enjoys a lot of aspects about Halloween.

“I like to be creative with stuff, and so I like decorating and plus I get to scare little kids,” Gomez said.

Franco shared her final opinion on Halloween.

“Yeah it’s one of my favorite holidays,” Franco said.

Overall, Halloween is a good holiday but as you get older I think you start to grow out of the stage of trick or treating and start to decorate a little, and some won’t don’t really do anything.