TV that makes YOU say comfort


We all have sat down in front of a TV hoping to find something just to relax or to get our mind off a tough day. With streaming becoming ever so popular and easy to access, people have binged dozens of episodes in one sitting. Of course, in excess that’s not always the best thing to do for your health, but every now and then when you’re having a tough day it can be relieving to have a good comfort show you can binge watch to distract you from your stress. Not to mention we can have favorite movies that bring us to that happy place in our mind. Let’s take a look at some of the favorite shows and movies people suggested to watch on a stressful day and also what really makes a ‘comfort show’.

One of my favorite shows has to be Sherlock, specifically BBCs version which is a modern spin on the classic tale of Sherlock Holmes. It might seem strange that a murder mystery would be relaxing, but I find it fascinating. Trying to figure out how the murder was done and what the motive was can be really distracting from problems (or even homework). It sucks me right into Sherlock and Watson’s world, of course it’s nearly impossible to figure out the twists and turns in Sherlock, but it’s still incredibly fun to try. Not to mention the beautiful film work and the absolutely chilling acting. 

Another popular show that is relaxing is The Mandalorian. Take a trip across the galaxy with Mando and Baby Yoda. This action-adventure show has captured hundreds of fans within the Star Wars universe. With it’s amazing groundbreaking visual effects, it’s a visual masterpiece along with following the classic Star Wars story of the Mandalorian as well as adding an original plot line.

“It’s cool to see people’s imagination,” Ian Nagy, a sophomore at Imagine Prep said. “It’s relaxing to not be in charge of what happens.”

If you haven’t watched The Mandalorian you’re sleeping on an amazing show.

Some other shows that help some people de-stress a bit are shows like Haikyuu, The Office, Friends, Adventure Time and Gravity Falls.

“I feel like it’s mostly tied to nostalgia,” sophomore Jasmine Gray said. “But also the characters and their dynamics together are really fun and relaxing to watch.”

It’s true, nostalgia plays a big part in having a comfort show. You have those happy experiences from when you’re younger which resurface when you watch those shows again. It brings you back to those exciting adventures you had when you were a kid.

For my favorite comfort movies I’d either have to go with Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Again it has to do with nostalgia. I’ve binged watched the Harry Potter movies more than I can count over my lifetime. It reminds me of all the popcorn and laughs I’ve had as I watched the evil Umbridge be dragged away by the centaurs.

Some movies people may find relaxing are Ponyo, The Garden of Words, Hobbit, and Zootopia.

“I really like the plot of each of them,” sophomore Kylie Anton said, “The genres are genres I’m comfortable with which make the movies relaxing to me.”

In terms of genre the top rated genres were comedy and action.

“They all have comedy which really helps me relax,” Anton said. “I think what makes a show or movie ‘comfort TV’ is someone being able to watch something and feeling comfortable.”

It’s no wonder comedy would be a top genre in general things that make us laugh tend to release any tension we had previously. Action can also create a world where there are many possibilities and human strength and courage is unmatched.  Whatever your comfort shows and movies are they can be really helpful during this tough time so go grab your popcorn and cuddle up in your nice warm blanket and revisit some of your favorite nostalgic shows and movies.