How Imagine Prep Is Handling No Recycling

If you are environmentally conscious then you would be sad to know that Surprise is no longer recycling. Due to money budgets and recycling being very expensive, Surprise can no longer carry out that action. This is why Surprise will not pursue the recycling programs provided. This affects our school because we have a recycling club called Crew Me 2 We. 


Junior Raven Black, a member of Crew Me 2 We said that even though recycling has been canceled by the city, the club still has plans to help the school out in other ways.


“Ms. Werner is collecting the recycling and she’s bringing it to her house to continue and we all plan on going to city hall and reviving recycling,” Black said.


She even went on to say that even though there will be no recycling in Surprise she will continue to recycle. And to let Crew Me 2 We standards live on because they are all as a club coming together to revive the recycling plan at Surprise city hall.

“Hopefully it’ll show that we still care if we all do it. It’ll help the revival plan,” Black said.