El Camino A “Breaking Bad” Movie

(TV-MA  Action, Drama  2h 2min) Breaking Bad is a TV show for mature audiences.

If you have watched the show Breaking Bad, then you will understand that the newly released Netflix movie El Camino holds a lot of importance to fans of the show. Breaking Bad was a show released on Jan. 28, 2008 and it ended on Sept. 29, 2013. It was a show that involves a school teacher and former student who got together because the teacher had cancer and needed to pay for the treatments. They got together and started a meth drug dealing business because the teacher was a chemistry teacher and realized that he was good at making meth and selling it.

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Netflix cover for El Camino

As the stuff was unfolding in the show and drama within the show was being uncovered left and right, slowly the teacher and the student were going insane because they were so stressed and that caused more problems and eventually it led to their downfall and whole business and identities uncovered. Now the movie El Camino which was released on Netflix on Oct. 11, is after all of this has happened to the teacher and the student but the teacher passed away and now it’s about the student’s struggles to get back on his feet and change his identity and disappear forever before he is caught by the police.

In my opinion, I thought that this movie was really good. I thought it was good because I have seen all of Breaking Bad and when it left off how it had left off, I was stuck wondering what was going to happen next because the show was left on a cliffhanger. El Camino helped by ending that cliffhanger with a really good story line that revolved- around the same problems from the old show popping up again in the movie. I would rate this movie a 5 out of 5 stars because of those reasons.