Go, Fight, Win!


Peyton Miller

The cheer team showing their excitement for this cheer season.

Football season is starting and you know what that means. Cheer season is underway.

The cheer team has a good turnout this year. Coaches Phoenix Hunt and Liberty Santana are both very excited to have such a big team and new teammates to work with. They have an opportunity to make new memories and develop relationships with each of them. 

Hunt, one of the cheer coaches here at Imagine Prep, talked about how excited she is for the events coming up for the cheer team in November and December.


“They are getting ready for the APS Light Parade and competition starts as early as November,” Hunt said. 


She went on to explain what the cheer team is looking forward to the most.


“They are definitely excited for the APS Light Parade,” Hunt said.

The parade will take place Saturday, Dec. 7. Hunt also talked about some achievements that she hopes the team will accomplish.

“We are a big team with lots of new members. I just hope that we will learn and grow as a team. And really just to have fun,” Hunt said.


Lastly, Hunt talked about the size of the team and if she, and the other coaches, are happy with the turnout of this years cheer team. 


“Absolutely, we’re large and we probably wouldn’t be able to do it all without them,” Hunt said. 


I also talked to the captains of sideline and competition cheer. For sideline it is sophomore, Haley King and for competition it is senior, Regan Spotanski.


Spotanski and King talked about their responsibilities as captains.


“My responsiblilities are to make sure everyone feels comfortable being part of the team. As well as setting a good example for those around me,” Spotanski said. 

Senior Regan Spotanski flipping for joy during practice.


King also added what she loves most about being a captain.


“I’m responsible for things in practice like making sure everyone is on task and keeping everyone positive. I’m also responsible for things out of practice like checking up on all my teammates and getting new info out to my fellow cheerleaders,” King said. 


Both Captains are very excited for CAA competitions but for two different reasons. 


“I’m excited to beat Superstition (Imagine Prep Superstition) at the CAA competition because we have grown so much in such a short period of time and I’m ready to take them on,” Spotanski said.

King added that she is looking forward to the upcoming competition season as well.

“I’m most excited for our competitions coming up,” King said. “Yes, they are super stressful but going out there and giving my all on the mat is the best feeling.” 


They also talked about what they like about being a captain.


“I just love the amount of responsibility that comes with it! I love being in control and helping people out,” Spotanski said.


King said she loves being an influence to her teammates.


Lastly, the captains shared what the team has been focusing on and what the student body can expect from this season.


“Mostly stunting we’ve been working on, in a couple of practices we’ll start learning our comp routine,” Spotanski said.

King added that the team is working on some new material the student body is sure to enjoy.

“At practices we work on our routines we performed at halftimes, as well as some new stuff I’m sure the student body will love. I can’t say much but our practices are mainly focused on routines,” King said.


The cheer team is working on a lot of new skills such as teamwork and even their tumbling skills. As well as practicing for competitions coming up and the APS Light Parade. They are excited to show everyone what they’ve got and take this cheer season by Storm.