Get to know the new club at Imagine Prep

As we all know Imagine Prep has a lot of clubs we can join. Chess club, Art club, Photography club, and many more! But, for a long period of time we have been missing one. The club that Prep has been missing is, F.C.A. or, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. F.C.A is available to all the students at Prep there is no age limit. Mr. James Mould is the teacher adviser that is running Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Mould is the Smart Lab teacher for the grades 7th-12th and the gym teacher for 6th grade. Mould decided to start F.C.A because he saw that other high schools in the area had it so he wanted the student athletes at the Prep to have the same privileges. He believes that F.C.A will help the students balance God, sports, and school. Mould thinks that F.C.A will also help the students who don’t know who God is, learn who God is because the students that don’t know who God is would feel more comfortable at school surrounded by all of their friends to talk about God than at a church surrounded by strangers to talk about God. He think F.C.A will also improve the morality of the student athletes at Prep.

Sixth grader Carlee Bland is excited to meet new people that have the same belief and passion as her in F.C.A

Bland thinks F.C.A will help her team and other teams by helping them stay positive and become closer together. Her passion of sports and God will grow with F.C.A by helping other people on her team who may not know who God is learn who God is and how to incorporate him with sports.

Brain Starr, a former F.C.A. leader at Ironwood High School in the Peoria School District, and the campus pastor at Christ Church Surprise, believes F.C.A will help Imagine Prep because he thinks anytime you can help a student bring Jesus into their everyday life that is a positive.

“When I led F.C.A in the past we have seen the teamwork and performance of many sports teams in my school  improve, F.C.A helps athletes play for something much bigger than themselves they learn how to be ambassadors of Christ,” Starr said.

Starr thinks F.C.A will help teams and teammates grow closer to Jesus as they do that they start thinking about other people more then themselves so it is a natural reaction for student athletes to think of their team as a whole.

“F.C.A will help the students grow closer together by having fun and sharing the relationship of Jesus and sports,” Starr said.