Why you should be excited for gym class

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Do you want to have fun with your peers? Well, then get ready for gym class with Mr. James Mould. If you ever pass by the gym at Imagine Prep in Surprise, Ariz., you will see so many smiles on the faces of the students. Included in those smiles you will find a 6th grade student named Preston Buckelew.  


“I have been playing sports for about five years and this class has definitely tested my skills,” Buckelew said. “I felt like we accomplished what we needed to this quarter.”


Included in the curriculum this quarter were a variety of sports such as dodge ball, mat ball, volleyball, badminton and the list goes on.


Avyn Baron, a 6th grader, who has been playing a variety of sports for eight years, especially baseball, explained what he loves about gym class.


“I really love sports which led me to loving this class,” Baron said.


Mould explained that he has a strong love for teaching and it is apparent he enjoys what he does.


“I love teaching this class,” Mould said. “I have been teaching for five years. I would not call this class challenging, but every day is different. I feel like we got a lot done this quarter but we definitely could have got more done,” Mould said.


I currently have art class with Mr. Dan Bauer. I have loved art class so much and I will miss it when the quarter is over.  The energy in the art room is upbeat and exciting and I have grown and learned so much as we have tried different things such as mask making with paper mache painting on plaster, and a variety of paper projects. When I pass by the kids going in and out of Mould’s gym class they always look happy going in and from where I sit, it looks like they come out even happier.  I hear so many kids from his class, including Buckelew and Baron saying that they just don’t want to leave his class. Well, it’s happening whether they like it or not, because the quarter is sadly coming to an end and we all know what that means- new electives. Whatever Mould is doing it sure seems like he definitely is doing it in a really fun manner. Like I said, I have art and I love it. The way the kids who are coming and going from gym class appear to feel is the same way I feel when I am in art class with Bauer- really inspired, excited and happy about their experiences and growth. I cannot wait for my turn to get into Mould’s class to challenge my mind and body. Just like my artistic muscles have grown, my physical muscles are sure to grow under the excellent and exciting teaching of Mould as I learn new skills and try new sports and physical activities he provides in his class at Imagine Prep Surprise.