Winter Wonderland Dance!


There is a new high school winter wonderland themed dance coming up soon, on Dec. 9 after the varsity girls and boys basketball games. 

You will have to pay a small fee of $5 to get into the dance. There will also be concessions sold; there is no particular dress code for this dance. The dance is open to all high school students and staff.

Alexa Pupo, high school student council facilitator shared that the dance will allow for another opportunity to help students build school spirit. 

I think we really wanted to think of a way to continue increasing student life on campus, particularly through building community and school spirit,” Pupo said.

Pupo and the student council are working hard to make this dance happen for the fun of the students.

Julia Chacon a member of the student council and a senior is also hoping to attend the winter dance and basketball game. Chacon said that she hopes there will be food and music and that she is excited for the dance.

Cassidy Shaffer senior and president of the high school student council shared how the idea and planning for the dance came to be.

“The executive board of high school stuco got together Wednesday during first lunch and Baker and Pupo brought up the idea of a dance and everyone quickly agreed so then all seven of us came up with a short game plan on how to bring it up to the whole stuco body and how to manage it,” Shaffer said.

After hearing the idea of a new dance that has never been hosted before, Shaffer and the high school student council team started getting to work immediately excited to host this new dance.

“We have committees like homecoming to help plan the dance for a smooth night. I am in two committees which are advertising and decorating. I know that everyone on student council is excited to plan another dance for the students to enjoy and have a good time,” Shaffer said. 

Shaffer is excited for this dance and is working hard with the student council trying to get ready for this new experience, and to make it fun for everyone.