The Mask Mandate was recently changed

As of March 21, the mask mandate for Imagine Prep has been lifted in accordance with direction from the CDC and Imagine Schools Southwest Region. Many things have changed regarding masks. Some places still require them but many places don’t, which can be good or bad just depends on how you look at it.

With all that being said, Imagine Prep Principal Chris McComb shared a few words about the changes to the mask policy at school.

McComb shared that the school has always followed what Imagine Schools has outlined regarding mask policies with the guidance of the CDC.

“With the CDC giving the option for masks we took that guidance, looked at local community spread and decided to move to making masks optional,” McComb said.

Making masks optional has given a lot of places the opportunity to remove or keep masks.

McComb said he hasn’t noticed much of a difference now that masks aren’t a requirement.

“I haven’t noticed a difference in interactions, but when I took mine off the first few days back I felt odd,” McComb said.

As the days have gone by with masks no longer being required it feels like it’s going back to the way it was before, it felt a little weird at first but it gives a little relief that we are recovering from the 2020 pandemic.

It is understandable that some people may have reservations about removing their masks.

“Personally I don’t but I think that there are other measures people should take, like being vaccinated for instance,” McComb said.

There are a handful of different types of measures that people can take to allow not wearing masks to become more comfortable. Some of the precautions people are taking are; staying six feet apart or being vaccinated. No matter how comfortable you or others are, it’s very important to respect and acknowledge the choices people make and why they make those decisions.

Check out the gallery below to hear some of the opinions of Prep students on the mask mandate being lifted.