A year in review 

January 6 – Trump supporters storm the capital after Biden winning the election. At least five people died and others suffered serious injuries. 

January 15 – The global total death toll for Covid-19 passes two million 

January 20 – Biden is inaugurated and Kamala Harris is the first female vice president 

January 22 – The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons goes into effect 

February 1 – More than 100 million vaccines were administered world wide 

February 4 – President Biden withdraws troops from the middle east 

March 25 – The number of vaccinations administered passes 500 million 

April 11 – Daunte Wright is shot and killed by police officer Kim Potter

April 17 – The total global death toll for Covid-19 passes three million 

April 20 – The start of police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial for the murder of George Floyd

April 22 – World leader hold a virtual meeting to discuss climate change and set goals to lower greenhouse gas emissions 

April 24 – The number of vaccinations administered passes one billion 

May 29 – Chelsea beats Manchester city winning the UEFA Championship League for the second time 

June 11 – Italy beats England in the UEFA Euro tournament 

June 13 – 2021 Copa America starts and is won by Argentina on July 10th

June 24 – The Surfside condominiums collapse in Florida killing 93 with one survivor pulled from the ruble. 35 people were evacuated from the side of the building that was still standing.

July 3 – Over a hundred wildfires throughout Canada due to lightning strikes 

July 7 – Haiti’s president is assassinated

July 10 – The CONCACAF Gold Cup is won by the United States 

July 12 – A flood between Germany and Belgium results 229 deaths and three missing people

July 19 – The Blue Origin has a successful tests flight carrying Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark as well as 18 year old Oliver Daeman and 82 year old Wally Funk

July 21 – The Olympic Committee announces that the next summer games will be held in Brisbane, Australia

July 23 – The Olympic games begin in Tokyo, Japan

August 14 – A 7.2 earthquake kills more than 2,000 people in Haiti

August 24 – The Paralympics begin in Tokyo, Japan

August 26 – Kabul airport attack 

August 29 – Hurricane Ida hits New Orleans 

August 30 – The United States withdraws its last troops from Afghanistan

September 7 – El Salvador starts accepting Bitcoin as an official currency 

October 23 – Colombia’s most wanted drug trafficker, Dario Antonio Úsuga, is captured 

November 5 – Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert leaves ten dead, the youngest victim was nine years old

November 30 – Shooting at Oxford High School killing four

December 8 – Police officer Kim Potters trial for the murder of Daunte Wright